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This Agreement shall be effective from the date on which you register for any Services with HOSTEXPERT.

Customers must agree to pay the fee for the initial term or renewal term in order to receive the corresponding services.

Cancellation and Early Termination

The Customer acknowledges that HOSTEXPERT may:

Terminate this Agreement by written notice, including email, and without liability in the event of the termination of its agreement with a Supplier relevant to the provision of any Service; or suspend or terminate the Services of a Customer in its absolute discretion and without notice:

  • If the Customer commits a serious or repeated breach of the Agreement (and in particular any provision of the Acceptable Use Policy) or the Customer engages in any conduct which inHOSTEXPERT’s opinion would have a negative impact onHOSTEXPERT, other customers ofHOSTEXPERT orHOSTEXPERT’s staff or is detrimental to the welfare, good order or character ofHOSTEXPERT;
  • any part of the Customer’s Fees are not paid in full when due;
  • the information the Customer supplied to HOSTEXPERT is found to be incorrect or false; or
  • HOSTEXPERT reasonably thinks that the Customer’s use of the Services may result in the commission of a crime or is otherwise unlawful.
  1. Upon such suspension or termination, the Customer:
    • may not resile from this Agreement or withhold or defer payment or be entitled to a reduction in any charge or have any other right or remedy against HOSTEXPERT, its servants, its agents or any other persons for whom it may be liable in law;
    • will not be eligible for reimbursement of any of the Fees paid in advance for the Services, if applicable;
    • may be barred from subscribing to any services with HOSTEXPERT in the future;
    • may be listed with applicable authorities and credit bureaus.
  2. HOSTEXPERT may in its sole discretion determine the period of suspension it may deem necessary in consideration of the particular circumstances that gave rise to the suspension.

To cancel a service that is no longer needed, you must use our online cancellation form at least 14 days before the next service invoice is generated. Cancellations submitted after automatic renewal are not eligible for refunds or credits.

For security purposes, we do not accept cancellations by email or telephone. All cancellations must be submitted through our website.

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